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Shoppingondiscount.com is a full free local relegated online advertising site. Shoppingondiscount is bangladesh's most astronomically immense online advertising site . You can give your dicount ad in this site it is plenary free. You can post your ad without any curb just engendering a free account. It takes 1-2 minuts to post your ad and you can utilize it very facilely. so if you optate to give your ad for your shop or company somthings like cars, electronics items, home appliances, habiliments, victuals and more items.It will grow up your sell. Now you can easly give your discount ad and facilely find your discount which product you opt for.

1. Firstly Advertiser and users have to substantiate that advertising content, text, image, location and number are licit which uploaded.

2.Shoppingondiscount.com are not responsible for any illicit content which uploaded by you.

3. Shoppingondiscount.com ?ascendancy is not responsible for that information (image, content, location, number, description, etc) which are utilized by the utilizer.

4. Any kind of sexual product ads can't be posted.

5. Those kinds of product ads can't be posted which products are not sanctioned to be marketed by the Regime of Bangladesh.

6. Every user has to ascertain that his/her content does not break any copyright rules.

7. To advertise anyone, follow our Injunctive authorization. The same content and same description are not sanctioned more than one time.

8. Shoppingondiscount.com won't publish your ad if you violet our condition. Shoppingondiscount.com has right to transmute something of your content for editorial purposes.

9.Shoppingondiscount.com has right to take any Decision.

Before post an advertise every Visitors need to ken Privacy & policy of Shoppingondiscount.com

Shoppingondiscount.com is committed to forfending your privacy.

Shoppingondiscount.com has right to discharge any advertising from the site for the purport of maintaining and support or develop our site.

Every utilizer have to submit a valid e-mail Address.

Anyone is not sanctioned to post a single advertisement without submitting a valid e-mail.

Any utilizer of Shoppingondiscount.com will not optically discern others utilizer e-mail Address.

1. How do I post an ad?

To post an ad on Shoppingondiscount.com is very Easy. Firstly you have to register then click give post button. Your ad will be live when reviewed your ad

2. How do I edit my ad?

You can edit your ad easily by logging. After login, you will see right side edit button click edit option.

3. How long time ads stay on Shoppingondiscount.com?

Just cull date lengthy.

4. I haven't received any response to my advertising.

If you do not get any feedback from ads, then contact us.